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Contents of the downloaded Zip File

  1. Contents.htm - This file displays a list of all the files and folders included in the downloaded zip file.
  2. Fonts folder - Contains the fonts used in the source file. Open the fonts folder and copy the fonts to your local fonts folder (e.g. WINNT/Fonts).
  3. Images folder - Contains the images used in the site. All updated images should be exported to this folder.
  4. Templates folder - Contains the Dreamweaver template (template.dwt). Create a copy of the template as a backup.
  5. Styles.css - This is the external style sheet used in the template. Changes and additions to existing styles can be made here.
  6. Index.htm - This is the homepage created using the template.
  7. Template.png - This is the Fireworks source file. All changes to graphics will be made here.
  8. Help_files.htm - This is a simple guide to customizing SmartWebby templates.
  9. License.htm - Please read the license before using the template.

© License Agreement. If you have any questions please email us at