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Model 805

Single door, all steel, fabricated from heavy-duty 1/8" thick steel plate for body and doors, provided with imported dial combination lock on outer door and lock with duplicate keys on inner door. ALL FIRE-RESISTING with asbestos cement for fire-proofing. With 3 drawers for 3" x 5" index card size, 1 adjustable plain shelf on top compartment and book space below. Brand new, local manufacture painted with epoxy primer and available in Wrinkle Brown or Wrinkle Green finish, 'ACME' brand.

Overall Dimension: 48-1/4" H x 26-1/8" W x 29" D
Weight: 400 kilos

Model 805 - closed.JPG (154898 bytes) (closed)      Model 805.JPG (63568 bytes) (open)

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