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Available in 10 different models and sizes that will suit your needs, please click on the Model Number on the right for more details:


Model 800

Single door, all steel, fabricated from heavy-duty 1/8" thick steel plate for body and doors, provided with imported dial combination lock on outer door and lock with duplicate keys on inner door. ALL FIRE-RESISTING with asbestos cement for fire-proofing. With cash box with lock, box drawer, 1 pigeon hole and book space. Brand new, local manufacture painted with epoxy primer and available in Wrinkle Brown or Wrinkle Green finish, 'ACME' brand.

Overall Dimension: 28" H x 17-3/4" W x 21" D
Weight: 169 kilos

Model 800.JPG (21262 bytes)

NOTE: Safe color on the left is Wrinkle Brown and on the right is Wrinkle green.

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